Boxes of Toys

So Christmas will come and I am so sure toys will be everywhere. Gift wrappers are strewn everywhere and it is hard for me to keep the house clean all the time. It is also hard for me to open their toys, not only do I need a box cutter, I need new pairs of fingers because I have a lot of nicks and tears on my skin because of all the strings tied to the toys to keep them in place! I’d rather have a new jay turser guitar to give to my son instead of new toys (again)

I’m not Getting Any Younger

I think it’s time I be honest with myself. I truly am not getting any younger. The excellent music mixer from guitar center has been with us for so long and I still don’t know how to play the guitar. I have a treadmill and free weights and I still haven’t lost weight. I have so many scrapbooking supplies and I still haven’t finished my creative projects.

I need to move. Now.

Garage Sale

Schoolyear has ended and this means we have summer to look forward to! We are now trying to declutter things and plan to have a garage sale to get some money to be able to take the kids to summer lessons. We will have a complete sale with yard sign printing signs and brochures!

We usually do this twice a year – one during summer and another one by the end of the year

So many Books

Having finished two degrees, I have so many books that I have thought to sell textbooks online so that I can dispose them, help someone who needs books and earn a little money on the side. I dont have that much connections anymore since I have resigned to take care of the kids – so selling them online is my best bet. I want to buy the tama drum at Musicians Friend and the proceeds of the sale will go there.

Watch Box

My husband an obsession when it comes to timepieces. He knows most random facts of watches and would not hesitate to ask for a watch if asked what he wants for a present – any present – even if he has so many watches he couldn’t possibly wear them all in one month! That’s why I went ahead and got him a watch box- best.present.ever (most practical too!)

Kitchen Appliances

My son has a more complete musical equipment – he just got the snare drums at musicians friend – than my kitchen!

To be more specific, now that we have a kitchen inside the house, I realized what we need are kitchen cabinets. We have somehow complete appliances but we have no counterspace to put them in. The landlord told us we can install cabinets if we want, he will just take it off by installment from our rent. The problem is we dont have that much big of a money now to give this a go. This remains to be a priority though next year. We hope things lighten up so we can have our projects completed.

Home Renovation

A friend of ours recently bought a new house in our area and they are planning to have a log cabin type of interiors. This is why she is buying some rustic lamp shades to be able to accomplish the goal alongside wood fixtures and ceramics. I just came from her place and I am amazed at how effective the transformation can be with just lighting effects! Her music room is to die for too, actually. My husband absolutely loves her gibson l 00!

Love for Music

One of the things I actually had time for when I was sick was to catch up on every single cable TV show I used to love to watch – and listen to all the music files I have!

Im a lover of music – I actually love to listen to different kinds. There are a lot of radio stations I listen to before but now I just download songs I like. HD Radio is defining radio as of the moment! HD Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally – a tremendous technological leap from the analog broadcasts of the past. I listen to the radio once in a while to be able to get new suggestions for music – I get to learn new models of kramer bass at musicians friend and up and coming artists.

New Year. New Plan. New Goals

It’s a rehash of my unaccomplished goals actually. I have seen the reid supply catalog and fell in love with the IKEA catalog too. If funds were not a problem, I would have shopped at IKEA already.

The first goal for this year is to be able to get a cabinet and dresser for my daughter. A study table too, if the budget permits. She has leftover Christmas money actually. We can use that instead.

Rocking Party: Bela’s Music and Magic 7th Birthday Party

We recently attended a good friend’s 7th birthday party and it was really a rocking one! The theme of the party is music and magic since the celebrant wanted a rockstar themed party with a magician. The backdrop of the stage was a projected gallery of the celebrant’s pictures from her rockstar-themed photoshoot. She even had an authentic celestion vintage 30 and drum set as an accessory!

You can really feel how loved she is by her parents and relatives. Everyone was hands-on!