Green Furniture Ideas for Your Bedroom

Being eco-friendly and concerned about the environment, you reuse, recycle and cut down on wasteful practices. You’ve re-purposed a few pieces of furniture. It took a bit of effort, but you’ve cut down on paper consumption in the home and the office.


The next step in being green is bringing that concept to the bedroom. Not only is going green in the bedroom good for the environment, it helps you sleep better when you don’t have harsh and harmful chemicals invading your body while you sleep.

In years past, it was difficult to find bedroom furniture that was manufactured using green, sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Many corporations are taking a hint from the buying practises of its customers. They are offering eco-friendly products.

Bedroom furniture

If you want to showcase your care for the environment, a reclaimed wood bed frame is perfect. It will be a stand out piece in the bedroom especially if it’s handcrafted. The problem is that the piece won’t match the dresser or nightstand in the room. To find bedroom sets that match is slightly harder but still manageable.

What Makes Furniture Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly furniture is made from organic or recycled materials. Some materials that are eco-friendly are bamboo, hemp and recycled plastics. Wood obtained without cutting out forests is considered environmentally conscious. Bamboo is perfect because its fast growing, strong and durable. These eco-friendly products do not use chemicals or other products that can reduce air quality in the home.


The most important piece in the bedroom is the mattress. Not only is it essential to a good night’s rest, having a chemically-laden mattress might be causing respiratory problems. Cotton and wool materials are often laced with pesticides and other chemicals. The coils in a coil mattress are coated with chemicals as well.

Mattresses made from organic materials is the best way to cut down on the chemicals and toxins. The smell coming from a mattress is the chemicals you’re inhaling while you sleep. While not toxic or irritating at first, over time the exposure adds up and can be detrimental to breathing.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made from 100 percent pure, natural ingredients. Latex rubber is an extract that comes from the rubber tree. The material is naturally resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites. There are no layers of chemically-laced materials to invade your body while you sleep. The natural properties in the latex rubber make it fungus free too.

When searching for a latex mattress in Australia, be sure to find a company concerned about the environment. A latex mattress is biodegradable with a life of 25 to 30 years. Not only are the mattresses eco-friendly, they are comfortable and have the support your back needs.

Many people don’t consider their mattress when they think about going green, but there are many ways to improve the environment without inconveniencing yourself, and while creating a tranquil, breathable space in the bedroom.

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