Random Questions #23

1. Have you had a friend for many years? and then they left just like that?? Yes, I had one.
2. How loud do you listen to your music?? Depends on my mood, if Im in the mood to dance I turn it up really loud.
3. What is more important:? happiness or trust??? Trust, it is the foundation of all relationships.
4. Ever kissed someone else’?s girlfriend?/?boyfriend?? No.
5. Do you take walks? often??? Not really, I don’t do it unless I really have to.
6. What were you doing? at 1am this morning?? Downloading photos from friends at Flickr.
7. Last thing? you did before bed last night?? Watched TV.
8. You’?re thinking about? someone,? aren’?t you? Yes, my kids – they have colds and I dont want to get it worse.
9. How many people do you trust??? Not a lot.
10. Why did your last relationship end? I only had one, Im married to him now


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