Hiring a Tutor

One of my biggest frustrations is not being an effective teacher to my daughter. She seems to lord over me during study times, not following instructions and gives tantrums sometimes. It’s either I give in or it’s going to be a stressful and long three-hour of whining and crying and complaining.

This is the reason why I decided to hire a tutor for her and enroll her in tutorial classes. This has eased my burden a lot and has kept her reading skills at par, if not more advanced than her classmates. It is really worth every penny. Right now we take her to the tutorial center, so I need to clear my schedule for around three hours, twice a week. Her class lasts for only an hour but our travel time is around 30 minutes one-way.

I hope in time there’d be an online tutorial class like http://eduboard.com/ available locally. It would be great to have my daughter be tutored at home, even everyday. We are looking for a tutor who can come to our house but so far no one has met our qualifications. We really want an English teacher for our daughter.

Sometimes I feel like I am an ineffective parent, not being able to teach my own kid. But I remind myself I am doing what is best for her and that is hiring a tutor for her.

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