Exploring Jamaica: What to do in Negril or Ochos Rios

Who hasn’t heard about the Caribbean? Almost everyone I know actually dreams of vacationing there someday. And once you mention the Caribbean, the country that comes to mind the most is Jamaica.

Jamaica is actually a small island in the Caribbean Sea, popularly known for it reggae music and beautiful white sand beaches. A quick bit of trivia for you – Did you know Jamaica has the highest ratio of endemic bird species – you can find 28 species you will never see anywhere in the world.

Negril Jamaica is Jamaica’s westernmost point. This is a popular vacation spot as the Negril beach seems to stretch endlessly – almost seven miles of soft white sand. In the area there are a variety of Jamaica hotels and resorts.

A Jamaica vacation offers a variety of water sports like jet skiing, kayaking and the popular banana boat ride. Golf and horseback riding are options when you are on the mainland while scuba diving is a must-try. Rafting activities include rafting on the Martha Bay River or at Mountain Valley, all around Mobay and Great River Revelry.

If you want to go on a cruise, most cruise ships go to Ochos Rios. This is located on the North Coast of Jamaica. Ocho Rios is a must stop for the cruise lines offering services to the Western Caribbean Islands, and a popular place for resort goers as well. Souvenir shops and shopping abounds, and there are many resorts located nearby in Runaway Bay that offer a quieter option for those thinking about staying at any of the popular Ocho Rios hotels. The most popular beach is the Dolphin Cove, where you can swim with dolphins. The Mallards Beach is the most crowded as it is located near the town where most cruise ships stop for tourists to explore the island.

Whether you choose to go North or West on the beautiful island of Jamaica, you will find a great choice of resorts awaiting you.

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