Events Thinking.

My aunt has been trying to convince me that we put up a business on event planning – ever since my wedding, she has been trying to tell me that I have great concepts and an eye for detail so this is going to be an easy job for me. Unfortunately, I dont think I have the patience to deal with people who are demanding, fickle-minded and well, ones who think that I am required to give them something beyond what they want (and paid) for. I really want to be involved in conceptualization and making sure the details are good – but I dont think I have the energy to push through with everything. So if you need ideas for parties from the invites (like baby shower invitations for example), to the theme, to the nice “games” and even outfits, you can ask me. But to ask me or even PAY me to orchestrate everything? I think I dont have the heart to do it yet :)

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